I am Tracie Noles-Ross. I am a multidisciplinary storytelling artist. I have added this journal to my artist web page to share my stories, photographs and artwork in a way that I hope makes my work feel more alive than it might by simply viewing my portfolio and CV on a static website. The gallery of my work presented on another page of this site and the list of accomplishments on my resume are just a part of my story and I realized recently that I am quite possibly sharing the more interesting parts of my creative life on social media platforms sandwiched somewhere between political posts and cute puppy photos. I will, of course, still use social media tools to connect with and support other artists and to alert followers to exhibitions etc. but the plan is to simplify things for myself by removing the distractions and algorithmic rearranging of social media platforms by setting up this space where I can curate and present a cohesive collection of material that I hope will offer insight into my creative practice and a better understanding and appreciation for my work.

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