TAKE FLIGHT   embroidery and appliqué on canvas  14×12 inches

INDIGO BUNTING   acrylic ink on board  14×11 inches


COTTONTAIL    6 x 6 inches    watercolor and acrylic ink on clay board


RED   6×6 inches   acrylic ink and watercolor on board


GHOSTS AND FIREFLIES 33 x 23.5 inches watercolor and acrylic ink on paper


STARDUST DREAMS   15 x 12 inches    watercolor and ink on paper


CECROPIA COCOON   monotype and encaustic on board   5×7 inches


TULIP-TREE SILKMOTH    embroidery on eco-dyed cotton and repurposed denim    17 x 22 inches   


VIRGINIA CREEPER SPHINX   leaf hammered hand sewn quilt   30 x 20 inches    


LEOPARD MOTH    monotype and encaustic on board    5×7 inches

THE MOTH   monotype and encaustic on board   16 x 20 inches


SWIFTLY FLY HOME   Mixed media on board  20x 24 inches


PARADOX  hand painted ceramic bust


HOWL    acrylic ink on board    11 X 14 inches


STARDUST IN HER HAIR    watercolor on paper    8 x 8 inches